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I started my professional career in Accounting - convinced there was no way to make a reliable living doing anything creative (not counting creative accounting, of course). After years spent in the world of debits and credits I found that my brain was slowly melting out of my ears from lack of creativity. So I decided to become a Graphic Designer.

The transition from left to right brain took a little work, some late nights battling Adobe Creative Suite and a whole lot of delusion. Twenty years later the delusion is still going strong and I'm proud to say Adobe CS very rarely inspires profanity-laced tirades anymore. Isn't personal growth fun?

One does not jump from accounting to a successful graphic design career by being scared of a little hard work. I continue to apply this work ethic to every job I take on. Tell me what you need, when you need it, and I'll get it done for you. I thrive under tight deadlines, have no problem with revisions, and hardly ever cry when a client wants me to edit any part of my design.


I have experience as a best-selling author, marketing manager, and art director. I've worked with political candidates, nonprofits, associations, small businesses, and large corporations. I've worked all by my lonesome, as a small part of a big team, and everything in between. Basically, I'm pretty easy-going and welcome whatever work situation you prefer.

If you're looking for a designer with a keen eye, a quick turn-around time, and great customer service (not to mention the ability to reconcile your bank statement) I may be just the girl for you. Contact me today and we'll start making things pretty together in no time.

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